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Hayworth Claims No Legislative Accomplishments…Literally!

Newburgh, NY -  While Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) has passed 13 bills through the House of Representatives including three signed into law, Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth apparently has no legislative highlights to tell her Hudson Valley neighbors. Take a look for yourself: 

 ”Sean worked across the aisle to pass thirteen bills to invest in our infrastructure, grow our local economy, and cut wait times for veterans while Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth literally has a blank page of accomplishments,” said Stephanie Formas, spokeswoman for Sean Patrick Maloney. “When Tea Party Congresswoman Hayworth went to Washington, she focused on privatizing Social Security, cutting taxes for multimillionaires like herself, and defunding Planned Parenthood – it’s not surprising she didn’t get results for the Hudson Valley.”  

Unlike Tea Party Congresswoman Hayworth, Sean has worked across the aisle to pass 13 bills. Three bills have been signed into law including The Red Tape Reduction Act to lower wait times for disabled veterans, the Dam Safety Act to improve our infrastructure and a bill to improve our farmers’ crop insurance as part of the bipartisan Farm Bill. He’s also passed ten bills on issues like reducing energy costs, support for the Highland Falls school district and curbing human trafficking in the Hudson Valley. Next week, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is expected to pass his legislation to improve rail safety by investing in the installation of positive train control. 

Maloney Releases First Ad

Newburgh, NY - Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released his first television advertisement of the 2014 campaign today. The ad, “Dad,” highlights Maloney’s experience serving as a senior adviser for President Bill Clinton and then starting his own business.

Maloney Kicks Off Campaign Against Tea Party Congresswoman Hayworth 

Republicans and Democrats Commend Maloney’s Record of Results 

Newburgh, NY – Joined by both Democrats and Republicans, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) kicked off his campaign for Congress against Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. Neighbors on both sides of the aisle commended Maloney for working with both parties to get results for veterans, seniors, businesses and middle-class families. 

Speakers included Jim Taylor, a Republican business owner; John Bouck, Chief Steward APWU Local 3722; Jim Williams, an Army veteran; and Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy.

This past month, Maloney was named one of the top 15 most independent Members of Congress in an analysis by National Journal.

Jobs and the Economy

As a former business owner who created jobs, Sean knows how to grow the economy and put people back to work. He was a top adviser to President Clinton during the longest economic expansion in history and has fought to keep local manufacturing – and hundreds of jobs – in the Hudson Valley. Sean believes American manufacturing is the key to growing the economy, which is why he helped introduce the Made in America Act to spur local industries and provide job training for 21st-century workers.

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College Affordability and Education

Sean supports smart investments in education, job training, and high-tech research. He has worked to make college more affordable by voting to cut student loan interest rates in half, supported a $5,000 tax credit to families with college students, and wants to allow adults to refinance their student loans to today’s low rates.

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Women and Families

Sean is a strong advocate for women, one who supports equal pay legislation to guarantee women are paid the same as men for doing the same work. He’s also defended a woman’s right to choose, and helped pass the long-overdue Violence Against Women Act. Sean supports making permanent the Child Tax Credit and expanding the Child Care Tax Credit to ensure working moms can afford child care expenses.

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Balancing the Budget and Taxes

Sean was part of the team in President Bill Clinton’s White House that balanced the budget, helped grow the economy, and created millions of jobs – and he’s voted for billions of dollars in deficit reduction.

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Military and Veterans Issues

Sean is the son of a disabled veteran who believes no veterans or their families should have to fight their own government for the benefits they’ve earned. That’s why he wrote and passed a law to shorten wait times at the VA, voted to hold VA officials accountable for delays, and helped veterans and their families receive millions in overdue compensation — allowing them to stay in their homes or pay for medical expenses. Sean will always fight for our active duty service members, veterans, and military families.